5 Common Misconceptions with Aluminium Fencing

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Metal types of fencing are generally durable choices you can make for your property. If you are looking for something that is lightweight and versatile, you will want to consider aluminium for your fencing. Aluminium fencing can provide many different benefits for your home and there are plenty of style options to select for it. When it comes to looking into what this type of fencing material can provide for you, you may encounter a few myths involved with it.

Aluminium Fencing Myths and How They’re Debunked

There can be a fair amount of misconceptions that come with different materials and aluminium fencing is not exempt from this. While there are different myths that are associated with aluminium fencing, there are also different explanations that clear them:

It Rusts Easily

As aluminium is generally recognized as a lightweight type of material for fencing, there is the assumption that it can end up rusting over time. This is untrue since the chemical composition of the material makes it resistant to rusting. Oxidation can occur in this type of fencing but that is generally a rare case. If you want to increase the protective measures of your aluminium fencing, you have the option to have it powder-coated or consult other options with a professional service group.

It Doesn’t Last Long

Another misconception of aluminium fencing is that it cannot last long. What debunks this myth is that with aluminium fencing being powder-coated on the surface, they are less likely to scratch, chip or fade than paint or other finishes and are also more resistant to wear and tear over time. Because of this, aluminium fencing can be beneficial for not just residential spaces but commercial spaces as well.

It’s Not As Strong as Steel

While aluminium is considered a metal type of material for fencing, it holds the myth of being less durable in comparison to other types of metal fencing. The lightweight quality of the aluminium fencing is not an indication of its strength but rather its density. In comparison to steel, aluminium is 2.5 times less dense than steel. When applied to fencing, it is on par with steel and iron in terms of hardness.

It Won’t Rack Properly

By “rack”, it is assumed that aluminium fencing cannot be used for grounds that are not flat nor level. The truth is that an aluminium fence railing actually works better on steeper grounds. Though this was not always the case, newer technology has enabled aluminium fencing so that the rails follow the ground while the pickets stay vertical.

It’s Expensive

Given the different benefits and options that come with aluminium fencing, it is assumed that this type of fencing is fairly high priced. While it is more costly than a chain-link fence, it is a more affordable fence when compared to wrought iron fencing due to being easier to install. More often than not, costly types of fencing are due to the amount of labour involved in the installation.

Why Have Gladstone Fencing Install Your Aluminium Fencing

If you find that aluminium fencing is the best option for your fencing project, then you will want to have a professional service to bring a quality installation. With Gladstone Fencing as your choice of service, you can be guaranteed a range of options to choose from for your fencing needs. More than having quality options for your fencing needs, you can be assured that Gladstone Fencing will provide the most fitting aluminium fencing with a hassle-free process.


Aluminium fencing is generally recognized for its lightweight and versatile qualities. Because of these qualities, however, there are certain misconceptions about this type of fencing. These include it being a material that easily rusts to it not being as strong as steel. With each myth, however, there are different aluminium features including its powder coating and low-labour costs that clear them. Call our fencing experts today to see how we can help!