Tips in Preparing Your Aluminium Fencing for Winter

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Different features can provide different benefits for your outdoor space, especially if you have chosen material like aluminium as fencing. Like any material though, aluminium fencing can face plenty of different elements and conditions. One of the most inconvenient elements a feature like your fencing can face is the winter season. With the winter season comes different factors that cause damage if you are not careful. Though the winter season is not all bad, there are still different ways you will want to protect your fencing from it.

Winter Fence Maintenance Tips

Winter can affect different fencing materials in different ways. For aluminium fencing, the cold conditions can cause shifting gravel and soil which makes fences unsteady and less secure. Aside from this, it can also cause considerable inconvenience for other parts of the fence that will need to be checked. The more common things that you will want to have taken care of in winter are as follows:

Check the Posts

As stated, the different elements during the winter season can affect the general foundation of the fencing. What generally happens is that ice, snow, and water can amass in debris around the base of your fence. Once saturation settles in, it results in the loosening of the ground. Aside from this, the shifting temperatures and conditions can also lead to the concrete hold cracking. Because of this, you will want to check for how much the fence wobbles and clear any debris to prevent it from seeping in.

Check Other Parts Like Gates, Locks, and Hinges

More than the posts, you will also want to check the other features of your aluminium fence like the gates and the hinges. No matter the part, damage as little as a small chip within your aluminium fence painting can result in rusting on a large scale if not detected early. Parts-wise, it would help to look for signs of tightness or stiffness and treat them with the correct lubricant if need be. By doing this, it can help reduce the chance of a sticking or squealing gate through the winter months.

Clean Up and Touch Up

Though having a routine check-up on your aluminium fencing can help in quickly dealing with any signs of a problem, cleaning can also act as another prevention method. One cleaning method you will want to have done before winter is trimming your trees. Should there be heavy snowfall, the excessive weight on them can lead to break-off and fall, which could result in damaging your aluminium fence. Other than this, a good scrubbing can help prevent grim building up and touching up its paint can strengthen its protective layers as well.

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Winter is the biggest season that can inconvenience your outdoor structures, especially fencing. Because of this. There are different points of preparation you will want to know to prevent damage from cold conditions. Even with generally durable fencing like aluminium, methods like checking its foundation and providing a thorough cleaning can help prevent the smallest of problems from growing too large to handle.

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