What to Consider When Getting a Fence For Your Business

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You will generally see fencing applied to a residential building but depending on the area that it is placed, a commercial building may also require fencing. As something that can provide both a boundary and protection against outside elements for your business space, commercial fencing can be a smart feature to have for your business. If you decide to have fencing applied for your fencing though, there are different factors that you will want to check first before you make any plans for the commercial space

Points to Check for Commercial Fencing

Like with fencing for residential spaces, there are different factors that you will want to determine first before entering into any decisions. A few considerations that you will want to look into are the following:

Building Codes

For different properties that hold a business/commercial building, there are different local regulations and requirements to be checked if you wish to install something like a fence. In most industrial and commercial districts, commercial properties are required to have fences made of tubular steel, masonry or wrought iron. You can also have the option of having chain link fences depending on the space but it may depend on the location and oftentimes, it may be limited to front and street side yards

Amount of Security

The main benefit of fencing is providing a boundary for your residence. For a business, security is one of the most important things you will want for your property. Aside from providing extra security for a commercial space, having a commercial fence can help mitigate accidents, such and help keep your operations a safe distance away from the public.

With this in mind, you will want to check what kind of fence would work best to meet this while also meeting your budget needs. Some of the best options you can go for are aluminium and chain-link fencing. Aluminium fencing gives you a great deal of protection, especially when combined with a gate and access system while the latter makes for an unobtrusive type of barrier.

Budget and Conditions

One of the main things that can affect what you can have applied to your property/business is the budget that can be applied for it. Fence prices generally depend on the size and certain types of materials are less affordable than others. What’s more, even with the available choices you may have for your commercial space, there are also the general conditions of the area to check as well.

If the business area is prone to heavy weather, it can cause future issues if the chosen fence material cannot handle it. In addition to this, you will want to check the level of maintenance needed in order to determine it is the right fit for your business space.

There are different other factors that can help determine what kind of fence you will want to get for your commercial space. While the prior notes are some of the top ones, you will also want to check on the level of privacy fencing you would like for the property along with other factors like the amount of traffic it goes through to help with the process.

What Gladstone Fencing Can Provide for You

Knowing the different factors that come with choosing commercial fencing for your business space can help determine what type would work and what would not. However, if you want to find the best fitting commercial fencing for you and your business property, you will want to have a professional service group to consult. One professional service group that can provide a reliable consultation for you is Gladstone Fencing. By having this team as your choice, you can be assured of quality options with reliable professionals.


Fencing can be a convenient feature to have for your property but it is not limited to a residential space. If you are planning to have fencing applied for your commercial space, some factors you will want to have checked include the building codes and whether they can handle the conditions your business space goes through. While knowing these factors can help you avoid any future issues, having a professional service group like Gladstone Fencing to determine the best-fitting one for your business can also help. Call our fencing experts today to see how we can help!