Quick and Easy Colorbond Fence Maintenance

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Colorbond fencing is a top pick among many homeowners due to its long-lasting nature and low-maintenance fencing needs. The fence is made with high-quality steel coated in a special polyester powder, adding a blue-green hue to the entire structure. It is also crafted with sustainable materials that are recyclable and fire-resistant, enabling it to brave harsh weather conditions. With all these amazing features, Colorbond fencing is undoubtedly the go-to fence material.

Here at Gladstone Fencing Pros, we are proud to be able to provide our customers with the highest quality Colorbond fence installation and are committed to providing our customers with the best service before, during, and after installation. One of the ways we do that is through informational articles on our website to educate our customers about everything fencing. 

Are you looking to keep your Colorbond fence in tip-top shape? Our guide will take you through the essential steps to ensure your Colorbond fence remains in top condition for the years ahead. Find out how to maintain a Colorbond fence today!

Quick and Easy Colorbond Fence Maintenance

Check Up On It Regularly

To make sure your Colorbond fence is in the best condition possible, it is important to give it a once-over every so often. Look out for any signs of deterioration and fix any difficulties straight away. This will help keep your fence in great shape for years to come and make it look great.

Keep It Clean

To keep your Colorbond fence looking pristine, regular maintenance is essential. You can easily do this by hosing down the fence with water or using a soft brush and mild soap. If you’re short on time, a pressure washer can help you achieve faster results. Make sure to avoid harsh chemicals as these can corrode the finish of your fence.

Give it new life with paint

Revive your Colorbond fence with a fresh coat of paint! It’s an easy way to extend its life and keep it looking its best. Choose a top-quality paint that’s designed for outdoor use to shield it from the elements. Or, if you’re feeling creative, give your fence a colourful makeover. Just remember to clean the fence properly first and use the right tools and application methods.

Secure the Screws 

It is essential to check all screws, bolts, and nails for rust or damage to ensure that your Colorbond fence remains stable. If any of these components are compromised, you should replace them right away. Additionally, consider inspecting the gate hinges and the gate itself for any signs of wear and tear. Doing this will help you maintain the integrity of your fence.

Apply Sealant

A protective sealant can be used on your Colorbond fence to extend its lifespan and make it more resilient to the extreme temperatures and heavy rain that are very common in the country. This can be done manually or with a pump sprayer.

Strengthen Its Posts 

In instances where your Colorbond fence is exposed to strong gusts, you may need to consider increasing the posts’ strength to guarantee the fence stays in place. Posts should be placed at least 500mm apart to ensure they are able to provide adequate support to the fence under strong winds.

Adequate Drainage

To prevent water from pooling around the base of your fence, it’s critical to have the right drainage. This can be achieved by digging a ditch or trench along the fence line to allow water to escape. It’s important to keep the drainage clear from any rubble and the soil sturdy so water can flow away successfully.

Monitor for Rusting

Colorbond is designed to fight corrosion, but if it is exposed to dampness from soil or pooling rainwater, it can start to rust. Minor scratches don’t need to be replaced, but if there is significant damage, it’s best to switch out the panels. If you want to make sure the Colorbond fence lasts for a long time, you could use a rust inhibitor to help preserve it.
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